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Alcohol Addiction Counselling
Iremia Counselling Anxiety Counselling

Alcohol abuse encompasses physical, psychological, and social effects. Initial beliefs that alcohol has positive effects are misguided. Alcohol depresses nerves, making social interactions challenging. It provides temporary relaxation but increases anxiety when its effects wear off. Widespread availability and social acceptance contribute to alcohol abuse. Seek counselling for recovery and support. Learn more.

Anxiety Counselling
Iremia Counselling Addiction Counselling

Anxiety is common in Australia, affecting 1 in 4 individuals. Excessive worries can be overwhelming, impacting daily life. Differentiating distress from anxiety is crucial. Long-term anxiety can lead to irrational fears and excessive worrying. Seeking counselling helps regain control and manage the impact of anxiety. Learn more.

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Welcome to Iremia Counselling.

Iremia, Greek word for “serenity”, encapsulates the essence of my practice and my personal journey. As a dedicated counsellor specialising in alcohol addiction and anxiety, I have walked a path marked by challenges, self-discovery and healing.


My own experience with addiction and anxiety has forged a deep understanding of the unique struggles one faces on this journey. It’s from this place of empathy and resilience that I offer my support and guidance. I believe in the power of serenity to guide you towards a life free from the chains of addiction and anxiety.

Iremia Counselling Alcohol Addiction Counselling
Iremia Counselling
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